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Rising Above: How Healthcare Recruiting Agencies Transform Staff Shortages

Rising Above: How Healthcare Recruiting Agencies Transform Staff Shortages

Everything in healthcare runs on staff. Nothing is done without the nurses, doctors, technicians, and other staff, patient-facing and otherwise, that make up every healthcare organization. Chat-GPT might be able to pass the bar exam, but it can’t set and cast a broken bone or explain the results of an x-ray. As of 2023, only humans can do this. To fulfill their mission, healthcare organizations need to be able to field the requisite number that their patients deserve. Staff shortages are the death of this mission. In a healthcare job marketplace where organizations are in dire need of and constant competition for competent, capable, and reliable employees, a healthcare staffing agency can be the solution to the problems that shortages create. Here are a few ways that staff shortages can diminish the effectiveness of a healthcare organization and how a healthcare recruiting agency, like SMG Recruiters, can help turn things around:

  1. Diminished Quality of Care: Respectable healthcare providers, at any and every level, measure themselves on the quality of care that they provide. With fewer staff members available due to shortages, healthcare providers may struggle to deliver the same level of care they would under normal staffing conditions. This can result in delayed or compromised care, leading to potential errors and adverse patient outcomes. A healthcare staffing agency can provide stopgap solutions, quickly granting trained, certified, and flexible employees to manage workload and maintain an organization’s quality of care.
  2. Increased Workload: Short-staffed healthcare facilities often require existing staff to take on additional responsibilities and work longer hours. This increased workload can lead to burnout, fatigue, and decreased job satisfaction among healthcare workers, which, in turn, can affect the quality of care they provide. A happier workforce, with reasonable workplace expectations, is a more effective workforce.
  3. Longer Wait Times: Shortages of healthcare professionals can result in longer wait times for patients, both in emergency departments and for scheduled appointments. Delays in receiving care can worsen patients’ conditions and decrease their satisfaction with the healthcare system. In rare, regrettable circumstances, delays in receiving care and treatment can be fatal.
  4. Reduced Access to Services: Healthcare providers may have to limit or reduce certain services or procedures due to staffing constraints. This can result in patients having to seek care elsewhere or face delays in receiving necessary treatments. Reaching this breaking point is a failure of planning. When steps are taken early enough, this can and should be avoided.
  5. Increased Stress and Mental Health Issues: Healthcare workers already face high levels of stress and emotional demands in their roles. Unreliable or unavailable co-workers increase stress in every profession. In the healthcare system, these stresses can have deadly consequences. Staff shortages can exacerbate these challenges, leading to increased stress, anxiety, and mental health issues among healthcare providers.
  6. Compromised Patient Safety: Staff shortages can lead to inadequate monitoring of patients, diminished care, increased risk of medical errors, and a higher likelihood of adverse patient outcomes. Patient safety can be compromised when healthcare providers are stretched too thin and unable to provide vigilant care.
  7. Difficulty in Meeting Regulatory Requirements: Healthcare organizations are subject to various regulations and standards that require a certain level of staffing and quality of care. These regulations improve patient confidence in the care that they receive. Staff shortages can make it challenging for these organizations to comply with these requirements, leading to potential legal and financial consequences.
  8. Higher Turnover: The strain of working in a short-staffed environment can lead to higher turnover rates among healthcare providers. This turnover can further exacerbate staffing issues, as organizations must spend time and resources recruiting and training new staff and diminished levels of patient care, as newer employees may lack the practical or institutional knowledge that their predecessors had.
  9. Impact on Training and Education: Shortages of healthcare professionals can affect the training and education of future healthcare workers. Teaching hospitals and healthcare institutions may struggle to provide adequate clinical experiences for medical students, nurses, and other trainees.
  10. Financial Strain: Staff shortages can result in higher labor costs, such as overtime and temporary staffing, to fill gaps. Additionally, the negative impacts on patient care can lead to decreased reimbursement rates and revenue for healthcare organizations.
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A healthcare staffing agency can provide solutions to the problems of staff shortages. Overall, healthcare staffing agencies offer a valuable resource for healthcare providers seeking to address staff shortages efficiently and effectively. SMG Recruiters can provide a pool of pre-screened and qualified professionals who can step in quickly to maintain the quality of patient care during challenging staffing situations. Whatever your staffing needs are, from technicians to nurses and administrators, SMG Recruiters can help. Contact us today.

Every single healthcare organization needs qualified, dedicated staff to fulfill their mission. To that end, our organization stands ready to assist you today. If you believe that your organization can benefit from SMG Recruiters services, please contact us here or give us a call at (321) 353-8310. We also love meeting our clients in person. If you’re in our area, please feel free to visit during regular business hours. We’re located at 8000 South Orange Avenue, 107. Orlando, FL 32809

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Frank A. Severino, Jr.

Director of Recruiting & Managing Partner

Born in Chicago, Frank moved to the Orlando area in 2012. As SMG Healthcare Recruiters Director of Recruiting, Frank works directly with the talented people we recruit as well as interacting with clients to ensure their needs are met and their expectations are surpassed. Frank feels blessed to have the opportunity to help build the family business and to be engaged in important work that plays to his professional and personal strengths. Frank says, “Helping people find gainful employment in an industry so full of passion for helping others is truly rewarding.” Like his father, Frank Jr. has experience working in behavioral healthcare in business development. In his leisure time, Frank Jr. coaches a nationally recognized high school baseball team in Winter Park, Florida. He also enjoys fishing, relaxing on the beach, cookouts and watching Chicago sports.

Michael Severino

COO & Managing Partner

Born in Woodridge, IL, Michael moved to Florida in 2014 and has been working with SMG Healthcare Recruiters since 2016. As COO, Michael helps see to SMG & Associates’ daily operations and ensures that clients get everything they need and more. One of his favorite parts of the job is working with people, especially helping candidates reach their highest potential. Michael considers himself extremely fortunate in having the chance to build the family business with his dad and brother, Frank Jr. Michael says, “I really enjoy working with my family. My father is my hero and being able to learn from him everyday is an opportunity that most people don’t have.” Michael currently lives in St. Cloud, FL with his wife and two bulldogs, Buca and Ozzie. In his down time, Michael enjoys boating and jet skiing. He is a technology enthusiast and is currently learning how to code in HTML, Javascript and LUA.

Frank B. Severino, Sr.

CEO & Senior Managing Partner

Born in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park, Illinois, Frank moved to Orlando, Florida in 2017. A founding member of SMG & Associates, he has been with the company since its very first day in 2019. Frank brings extensive experience in the Mental Health, Eating Disorder and Substance Abuse treatment field to SMG’s long list of strengths, working as the Executive VP of Business Development for RiverMend Health and as Regional Director for Lakeview Health. 

The move into healthcare recruiting seemed like fate to Frank as he has spent the bulk of his career working in either recruiting and staffing or mental health treatment. The decision to merge the two into the venture that became SMG Healthcare Recruiters came naturally. It allowed him to leverage his greatest strengths and provide truly exceptional service to the healthcare industry. 

Frank understands just how important filling positions with the right people is in the healthcare area because he’s seen the process from every angle. He lives in Sarasota, Florida with Karen, his wife of 38 years and is blessed to work with his sons, Frank and Michael in building SMG Healthcare Recruiters. His son Joseph has recently joined the firm and is learning the recruiting field as a candidate screener. Additionally, Frank leads our staffing company, “Pinnacle Staffing Resources”. He serves as an Advisory Board Member for the N.O.W. Matters More Foundation. He divides his free time between various passions including boating, fishing and golf and work with his church.